Clients can withdraw funds from their account any time.

To make a withdrawal simply complete a request from within the secure TaipanFX client area.

Terms and conditions:

Please keep in mind the following important information to avoid delays.

  • Same day withdrawal processing cut off time is midnight GMT (00:00).
  • International telegraphic transfers may incur a third party charge imposed by the processing bank. The fees is approximately USD 20 which deducted from the withdrawal amount
    not the clients trading account.
  • International Telegraphic Transfers take approximately 3 to 5 business days to process.
  • Any withdrawal request must be made in the exact name of the trading account. Payments to third parties are not permitted.
  • Any withdrawal request made to a credit card, debit card or e-wallet will only be processed as a refund to the same credit card, debit card or e-wallet that has been
    used to make a deposit to TaipanFX.
  • Some withdrawal options may have minimum amounts. Clients should refer to the TaipanFX secure area for information regarding specific minimum amounts.
  • TaipanFx will provide clients with confirmation of any withdrawal within the secure client area.