Why Choose TaipanFX

The core objective of TaipanFX is to offer low cost and fast trading solutions. Our O-Zone ECN is our demonstration of the latest proprietary technology for fiber optic co-located infrastructure to deliver the best quality execution to clients. We pride ourselves on upholding a dedication to customer services and respect for international standards and regulations. Our client funds are 100% segregated and held in a AAA rated bank.




Tight Spreads

TaipanFX provides tight spreads irrespective of the volatility and fluctuations in the market. We have developed direct relationships with Tier 1 Banks and liquidity providers and are focused on constantly improving the liquidity of the O-Zone ECN platforms to build a sophisticated trading environment that also helps our clients to profitably trade the Forex markets.

Fast Execution

Trade on the fastest execution technology available with our London and New York based datacenters. TaipanFX’s proprietary O-Zone ECN servers are co-located in datacenters across the world with the pricing engines of Tier 1 Bank liquidity providers. TaipanFX has dedicated Fast Fiber Optic co-located infrastructure and strict server-load controls to deliver the best quality execution to clients.



Cutting Edge Technology

TaipanFX provides world-leading trading technology solutions to deliver an unparalleled service to all our clients. Our platforms are integrated with advanced tools inbuilt Spread Monitoring and Level 2 Depth of Market to provides deep insight for traders.

Optimized Trading Fill Rates

Our O-Zone ECN platform provides Best Execution for trade sizes ranging from 1 micro lot to 1,000 lots. Our proprietary technology and strict server-load capacity controls enables the fastest execution of trades across multiple liquidity providers for the lowest latency and best fill rates in the industry.


O-Zone ECN Features

TaipanFX developed the O-Zone ECN trading technology to meet the needs of traders around the globe. We provide flexible leverage of 500:1 and place strict load-limits on our servers to improve the trading process and deliver the fastest execution without minimum order distances rules to create the ideal facility for hedging or scaling strategies.

Experienced Customer Service

TaipanFX leads the industry in exceptional customer service. Our vast knowledge base is readily accessible, to provide instant answers to client queries and our Managers are available to guide, help and support you 24 hours a day.