Stock Index trading is available to TaipanFX clients through our large selection of Contracts for Difference or CFDs.

Indices or Index Contracts are tools that allow traders to access the performance of an overall portfolio; typically a group of stocks with one tradable instrument an Index CFD.

TaipanFX traders can take either long or short positions using Index CFDs over all the leading Asian and Indices like the Nikkei-225 and Asia-50 Index and can get exposure to the worlds major markets including London’s FTSE-100 and New York’s Dow Jones Industrial Average-30 Index.

Indices Spreads: Trading in Cash

TaipanFX offers the most competitive and tight spreads for Index CFDs.

Our tight Index CFD spreads are competitive and our 0-Zone Market Technology delivers traders unique and superior market depth for irrespective of trading size including DAX, S&P/ASX-200, DJIA-30, E-mini S&P 500, FTSE-100 and much more.

IndexReferenceSpread (points)
AUS200S&P/ASX 200 Index1
US30DJIA Index1 - 4
US500E-mini S&P 500 Index0.4
UK100FTSE 100 Index1 - 5
DE30Xetra DAX Index1 - 8
HK50Hang Seng Index8
USTECE-mini Nasdaq 1002
F40CAC 40 Index1 - 6
STOXX50Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 Index2
JP225Nikkei 225 Index7 - 8
ES35IBEX-35 Index5
US2000Russell 2000 Index0.3

An Example

For purchasing the Australia 200 Index, at 4950.00/4951.00 in the opening position, two contracts sound decent at 4951.00. Each contract is equivalent to $1 and indices are free of commissions of any kind. In the closing position which is four days later, supposing the index to go up to 4970.00/4971.00, you can sell your position off through the 2 contracts and make yourself a considerable profit from the price difference.

Opening Price4951.00
Closing Price4970.00
Gross Profit on Trade19.00 points x 2 contracts ($2 per point) = AUD $38.00

Why choose Indices trading with TaipanFX

We have more than one reasons to convince you to trade through us. Here are some:

  • We offer traders the most competitive and tightest spreads
  • We offer a range of 25+ Index CFDs with a leverage of up to 500:1
  • Our 0-Zone Direct Exchange Connections deliver Fast Execution on all trades
  • No minimum trade sizes
  • Industry leading transparency
  • 3 Trading platforms and a full suite of trading tools

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