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Forex Spreads

TaipanFX 0-Zone Lightning Fast Trading Technology delivers traders with tight spreads and deep interbank liquidity. Our average EUR/USD spread is 0.1 pips which makes TaipanFX a perfect option for active traders and High-Frequency professionals using Expert Advisors (MT4 EA’s).

The following table shows our minimum and average spreads across all of the major currency pairs:

Currency PairPair Minimum Spread (pips)(pips) Average Spread (pips)

Forex Trading Example

Selling EUR/USD

Opening the Position

The price of the EURO against the US Dollar (EUR/USD) is 1.33623/1.33624, you decide to sell 2 standard lots (the equivalent of €200,000) at 1.33623.

The value of your position is €200,000 x 1.33623 = USD $267,246. The leverage on your trading account is 1:100 therefore the margin required to open the position is USD $267,246 / 100 = USD $2,672.46.

Closing the Position

One week later the EURO has fallen against the US Dollar to 1.32128/1.32129, you decide to take your profit by buying back 2 standard lots at 1.32129.

The gross profit on your trade is calculated as follows:

Opening Price€200,000 x 1.33623 = USD $267,246
Closing Price€200,000 x 1.32129 = USD $264,259
Gross Profit on TradeUSD $ 2,988

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