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TaipanFX specializes in the best built trading platforms for Forex trading. The cTrader patform is designed to optimize the TaipanFX O-Zone ECN environment. It combines the fastest execution technology and advanced tools to provide an unparalleled trading experience to our clients.


At TaipanFX our average spread is 0.14 pips, which is the tightest ever provided by any Forex broker. Our cTrader platform allows for Inverted Spreads – Taipan Traders Advantage© . We do not restrict the minimum spread for traders. TaipanFX’s 0-Zone ECN Technology and Traders Advantage aggregation tools allow cTrader clients to trade on Inverted Spreads guaranteeing Best Execution.


TaipanFX has matches and managers a diverse range of Tier 1 and Non-Bank liquidity providers to provide the tightest and deepest tradable pricing to all clients even during high volatile market conditions. Taipan Client LiquidityMatch© delivers the lowest rejection rates in the industry. TaipanFX trade rejection rate is 0.0002% of trades and a fill rate of 99.99% and Average Spread is 0.14 pips.

Ligtening Fast cTrader web

TaipanFX clients can simply login to cTrader account using any web browser. Clients simply access trade volume information, market depth, and manage positions without requiring the desktop installation of cTrader.

Our cTrader platform provides lightening fastest execution speeds with one-click trading functionality. cTraders can open a position in 0.0082 seconds which gives an outstanding trading experience especially for scalpers.

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