To get a good idea about the trading conditions for Taipan Forex, it will be great if you go through the various prospects by reviewing the Spreads, Currency pairs, swap rates and more. You can also get more information regarding our trading terms and policies by visiting our website or emailing us.


You will find that at Taipan Forex, we have Spreads which are market leading and have prices which are streaming from more than 50 countries as well different banks for the dark pool liquidity sources. The functionality of Low Latency Servers working for an enterprise which as a grade One True ECN with the perfect trading environment ensures that you will always get the best available prices for sure. It is amazing to note that Spreads can get as low as 0.0 pips with our Meta Trader 4 and -0.3 on the cTrader platform.

Lowest Spreads from Taipan Forex

Spreads from 0.00 pips
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Swap Rates

The availability of our long and short rates can be a great idea for reviewing purposes to properly understand the trading conditions. You will get a list of the long and short swap rates of the available currency pairs as well as available metals. You will find it easy locate the swap rates as they are listed in points for the convenience of the clients. The calculation of the swap rates are carried out by considering the overnight interest rate differences calculated between two currencies that are involved in a pair. It also gives you available understanding of whether the position falls under the buy long or by short category.

Lowest Swap Rates!

Lowest overnight interest rates
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Currency Pairs

The company of Taipan Forex streams prices from more than 60 different currency pairs as well as from 4 metals which are available on all the three above mentioned platforms. You will get highly valuable quotes from over fifty different and prominent banks as well as dark pool utility sources. The company offers the best in range prices which offer the best pricing schemes of the industry. The combination of the mentioned features and an unrivalled speed makes Taipan Forex a favorite destination for scalpers, expert advisors as well as day traders for profitable returns.

60 Currency Pairs

& 4 metals on 3 leading platforms
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