Taipan Forex provides its traders with an Pro ECN account that comes with spreads of the lowest possible kind. We bring to the table average spread of EURO and USD at 0.1 pips. In exchange we charge an insignificant commission of $3.50 for every lot of Forex you purchase or sell. Our liquidity streams from more than 50 globally recognized banks and dark pool liquidity locus. Our ECN accounts are means for scalpers, advisors and day traders. Equinix NY4 data center, NY is where our ECN server is located. We bridge the gap between our liquidity partners and traders by taking care of the excess latency. Our MetaTrader 4 podium is the perfect operational pad for scalpers and day traders associated with us.

ECN Connectivity

We set apart from the rest by our market leading pricing as well as exclusively convenient trading conditions that we ensure for our clients. Our MT4 platform ensures smooth and uninterrupted connectivity between our clients. Our ECN connectivity is particularly designed to allow institutional grade liquidity, and all from the globally recognized investment banks, execution venues of dark pool liquidity and hedge funds. The liquidity providers associated with us send all the price updated to our specially deisgn ECN environment wherefrom the client derive their information. Thus, they are spared of desk dealing as well as price manipulation and re-quotations. We work in a diverse liquidity pool with providers from different areas. This makes us a high-choice provider especially for voluminous traders, robots and scalpers who look to work with the tightest spread available.

Spreads of Average 0.1 Pips

Taipan Forex is proud to bring to the traders some of the tightest spread available in the Forex market across the globe. Spreads usually start at0.0 pips while we offer an average of 0.1 throughout the week, leaving out the closing two days. We can assure that our rate is currently the tightest average available in EURO and USD worldwide. With over 50 different providers contributing to our liquidity mix, we have the resource to bring to the menu tight spreads only. Our resource remains the same even through volatile times when the market to susceptible to risks.

Market Depth

A market study is relevant to investment and that is basically what we do to cut short your problems. Depth of the market sphere shows everything about the executable prices that are streaming live from all liquidity providers. It is through the depth that we ensure complete transparency of the currency pair liquidity. So the available volumes subjected to each and every price level at different points of the week are computed by us. We ensure tightest spreads through low latency, unsynchronized spot prices and high liquidity.

We make sure that your trading is executed through just a couple of clicks and that you monitor the transactions continuously through the MetaTrader 4 application. Our brokers make sure that the orders we receive are executed as fast as possible. Our support throughout the transactions is uninterrupted and around the clock.

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