Indices are said to be the most widely opted form of Contracts for Difference, generally referred to as CFD. taipan Forex bringsto you indices from all over the world making the pool of choice a lot more richer than one can expect from a standard broker company. Our bank of indices cover the commonest to the rarest kinds, the key ones being Australian S&P 200 Index, US E-mini S*P 500, UK FTSE 100 Index, DJIA Index and more.

Referring to the stock index is the best way of getting a comprehensive idea about the market performance as they feature all the parameters of activities. If you are contemplating investment in blue chip stocks, then DJIA index and FTSE 100 are the storehouses you need to ransack. They index some of the best blue chip stocks available in the exchange. The market is sensitive to the changes incurred by each of the constituent stock so much so that it gets reflected in the index and affect the bigger picture.

Indices provide a short preview of the state of affairs in the stock basket. Traders can take the advantage of a sneak-peek before they go into investing. Besides, they also spare the traders the trouble of studying each and every stock individually.

Both online based and future CFDs are extended by Taipan Forex on MetaTrader 4 for all sorts of devices.

Indices Spreads: Trading in Cash

We offer competitive and tight spreads throughout the cash indices that we bring to offer. Our offerings include E-mini S&P 500 Index starting at 0.5 points, Xetra DAX Index, S&P 200 Index and FTSE 100 Index at 1 point.

The key benefit of trading in major indices around the world is that you are allowed instant access to the worldwide industries and economies. Choose from between UK 100, GER 30, JPN 225 and US 30 to find your future in some of the booming quarters of commerce.

IndexReferenceSpread (points)
AUS200S&P/ASX 200 Index1
US30DJIA Index1 - 4
US500E-mini S&P 500 Index0.4
UK100FTSE 100 Index1 - 5
DE30Xetra DAX Index1 - 8
HK50Hang Seng Index8
USTECE-mini Nasdaq 1002
F40CAC 40 Index1 - 6
STOXX50Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 Index2
JP225Nikkei 225 Index7 - 8
ES35IBEX-35 Index5
US2000Russell 2000 Index0.3

An Example

For purchasing the Australia 200 Index, at 4950.00/4951.00 in the opening position, two contracts sound decent at 4951.00. Each contract is equivalent to $1 and indices are free of commissions of any kind. In the closing position which is four days later, supposing the index to go up to 4970.00/4971.00, you can sell your position off through the 2 contracts and make yourself a considerable profit from the price difference.

Opening Price4951.00
Closing Price4970.00
Gross Profit on Trade19.00 points x 2 contracts ($2 per point) = AUD $38.00

Why Trading Indices with Taipan Forex is Suitable?

We have more than one reasons to convince you to trade through us. Here are some:

  • We trade the top world indices with a leverage upto 500:1.
  • We have in offer some of the tightest variable spreads
  • We assure quality execution of the transactions
  • MetaTrader 4 enables us to allow buyers and sellers to transact flexibly through desktops, handheld devices using the Internet.
  • Through us, you will have access to everyday market research data that cover all the movements in the Index market and significant events.
  • Our Forex platforms are outfitted with some of the best analysis tools available to the market.

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