Taipan Affiliates is the the official partner program for TaipanFX, one of the leading operators in FX and online-trading.

With over five years of experience in electronic trading and digital marketing we work hard to drive conversion and performance on behalf of our partners.

Today, TaipanFX is one of the highest converting online products promoted by our affiliates and we are fortunate enough to work with some of the largest affiliate and traffic networks in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Middle-East, Central and Sth America, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and South East Asia.


SEO Friendly Content

We create SEO-friendly content. We have teams working on content and layout

Top-Notch Affiliate Service Manager

A dedicated team that solve problems and communicate information and updates regularly delivering a higher level of personalised service


We run on-going bonus and promotion campaigns to keep both our prospects and partners excited

Email & Social

We frequently customise and publicise. Our Affiliate team are focused on frequently updating our prospects maximising conversions


We provide world-class technology for tracking monitor and reporting on all conversions hits, traffic and revenue

Instant Payments

TaipanFX is one of the largest providers in the Industry. Our success is due to our fair and honest approach and commitment to Instant Payments
Being one of the leading Foreign Exchange and Online Trading operators, we have provided some information about the Taipan Affiliate Program.

We have developed our technology from scratch and customised every section of the program in every possible way to present the TaipanFX brand in a an exception la way and proudly offer our clients and partners the best of the best when it comes to Online Trading.

Those who have already worked with us know that we are always striving to obtain better results for our partners by pushing our scale, resources and expertise to maximise revenues and conversions.

The Taipan Affiliate Program offers;

  • Instant Payouts
  • Commissions paid into a Partner Account in Real time; and
  • Marketing Materials in over 15 Languages
  • See the program for yourself. Register for a Live Account with TaipanFX

    We are always working hard to improve our conversion rates in every way.
    We do this by adding new products, currency pairs and promotions frequently.
    We built TaipanFX to make it easier for clients to access the worlds biggest market, the global FX Market no matter what language they speak or are located. The Customisation of our trading platform, landing pages, site navigation and native language makes it possible to maximise conversion while helping our clients to find the ultimate online trading experience.
    With our significant investment in market leading Technology and Infrastructure, we have learned how to read all data and are able to extract the most important information to help us and our partners stay in a leading position and maximising revenue.

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