Who is TaipanFX

TaipanFX is an ECN Forex Broker providing lightning fast and cutting edge technology solutions. We constantly optimize our infrastructure, search for the best Liquidity & spreads in the market while maintaining strict load limits on our servers to reduce latency and improve fill rates for our clients.

TaipanFX offers traders direct connectivity to the interbank market from its co-locations in New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Jakarta and Sydney. We provide fastest possible trade execution and 24/7 knowledge base support.

Regulated Broker

TaipanFX is a Self-Enforced Complying Entity adhering to the ‘Good Corporate Citizen’ Global regulatory regime and standard. TaipanFX respects and adhere to the relevant laws and policies that ensure that at all times the highest level of standards for the protection of clients and the integrity of TaipanFX’s offering is delivered.

TaipanFX is a Compliant Electronic International Service provider that is committed to acting Honestly and Fairly in all dealings with counterparties, clients, employees and stakeholders.

In accordance with International Regulations TaipanFX maintains strict internal compliance policies and procedure and adheres to External international financial standards. TaipanFX maintains adequate capital adequacy and Financial Resources to carry out its business and as per its statutory requirements TaipanFX undertakes compulsory annual independent audits and reviews.

TaipanFX maintains a Self-Enforced and Fully-Segregated business model identifying, reporting and separating all client monies and investments from the operational requirements and hold all client assets in designated client segregated trust accounts with only Highly-Regulated AAA+ International banks.

TaipanFX has a comprehensive compliance culture enforced by the company’s Compliance Committee, chaired by an external independent compliance expert appointed and overseen by TaipanFX Auditors.